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Ground Specialties offers the U.S.- and Canadian-patented ThawDawg ground thaw unit for sale. ThawDawg provides a safe, effective, and efficient way to thaw frozen ground for excavation and digging. Frozen ground and frost can slow down or stop your team’s productivity - keep them moving for several more months each year with ThawDawg.

ThawDawg ground thaw equipment is fully-portable and suited to smaller-footprint projects. This unit is time-tested and perfectly designed for grave plots, fence posts, concentrated square-footage utility projects, and construction footings.

Unlike other ground thawing equipment meant for larger surface areas, ThawDawg can be easily transported and set-up for operation by 2 people. It requires no more than one 20# propane cylinder for operation; no electricity, coolant, generators, or extensive manpower needed.

ThawDawg Applications & Industries

  • Construction
  • Cemetery
  • Sign
  • Underground Utilities (Pipe, Cable, Water, Sewer)
  • Concrete
  • Fencing

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ThawDawg Reviews

Key ThawDawg Points

  • Set Up Today, Dig Tomorrow

  • Affordable, Portable & Dependable

  • Low Energy Use

  • Safe Near Pipes & Cables

  • Makes Digging Easy

  • Maintenance Free

Key ThawDawg Points