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Remove as much snow as possible from the thaw site area. Every one inch (1") of snow increases thaw time by one (1) hour

Place unit on ground over the area to be thawed

Place sand or fiberglass insulation around bottom of thaw unit to seal any openings underneath – do not seal too tightly as the unit needs "breathing" air or the heater will go out unexpectedly

Screw heater POL valve fitting securely into cylinder valve

Open valve slowly!!!

Turn heater knob to "high" setting

Place lighted ignitor in ignitor opening

Depress safety shut off valve plunger

Heater should light within 5 seconds

If heater does not light, wait 5 minutes before attempting to light again

When heater does light continue to depress plunger for 30 seconds

Turn valve to desired setting- "high" for 24 hour thaw of 24", "medium" for 48 hour thaw of 24", high for 48 hour thaw of 48"

To turn off the unit-turn propane cylinder valve to ‘Off" and then turn heater knob to "Off" position

Allow unit to cool 15 minutes before handling

Unit thaws approximately 1" per hour of use

Do NOT use any tank larger than a 20# propane tank

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