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Below are some FAQ’s that will aid you in the use of your ground thaw units. As we discover more FAQ’s we will communicate them to you.

FAQ's #2 Continued.  My unit lights and appears to be working properly.  When I check the unit the next day I have found the unit has gone out sometime during the thaw job.  What can cause this?

Answer #2B.  The protective cap on the POL – located on the end of the hose that attaches to the propane tank- is there for a reason.  Don’t throw it away! After each use replace the cap.  This will not only protect the threads, but more importantly it will keep foreign material out of the valve (moisture, snow, dirt, grease, etc.), anything that will hinder the fuel getting from the tank to the heater

Answer #2C.  If your unit has been exposed to rough treatment, visually inspect the thermocouple end inside the heater unit, making sure the probe has not been bent out of the "heat area" of the unit.  This will cause hard lighting, and may cause the unit to go out unexpectedly.  Reposition the probe holder carefully, being careful not to bend or break the probe itself.

FAQ#s 3.  Can I use 30#, 40#, or 100# LP cylinders?

Answer #3.  The answer is NO.  Mr. Heater and Ground Specialties both recommend you ONLY use 20# cylinders with these units.  To use any other size propane tank VOIDS all warranties.  The pressure inside an unregulated 30#, 40# or 100# tank defeats the safety feature in the POL valve, and may cause the unit to shut off prematurely.  (Another reason why you may find the unit went out during a thaw job) It may also reduce the life of the infrared heating unit itself.  At this time we are communicating with Mr. Heater regarding whether a pressure regulator on the tank would be acceptable, and what the pressure settings should be on the regulator itself.  We will communicate with everyone via FAX when we have the information.

FAQ's #4.  When I place my ground thaw unit on an incline, is there a preferred way to place it?

Answer #4.  When placing a ground thaw unit on an incline, place the unit so that the heater is on the low end of the incline.  This will provide a more uniform thaw.

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