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Below are some FAQ’s that will aid you in the use of your ground thaw units. As we discover more FAQ’s we will communicate them to you.

FAQ #1.  The plunger on the thermocouple won’t push down to light the unit.  What has happened?

Answer #1.  As the ground thaw unit cools after use, the warm, moist air created from using the ground thaw unit has condensed and frozen on the inside of the thermocouple plunger guide/housing. To thaw the thermocouple, simply hold your bare fingers on the brass surrounding the base of the plunger for 15-20 seconds.  The heat transferred from your fingers will thaw the frozen moisture, allowing you to depress the plunger and light the unit.  Do not apply an open flame to the thermocouple plunder and base, as you may damage some delicate internal parts of the unit, defeating the safety features and causing premature failure

FAQ #2.  My unit lights and appears to be working properly. When I check the unit the next day I have found the unit has gone out sometime during the thaw job.  What can cause this?

Answer #2.  The ground thaw unit is vented around the infrared-heating unit.  This supplies the oxygen needed for the burner.  If you seal the ground thaw unit too tightly with insulation or sand and operate the burner on the "high" setting, the unit may not get enough oxygen from the vent – causing the unit to go out.  When you place the unit on the ground, we recommend that you use sand or insulation around the unit to seal the air gaps for a better thaw– but PLEASE leave a small air opening (1/2" high and about 1" long) between the ground and the unit somewhere on the opposing end of the infra-red heater.  This will allow a proper air exchange, and will not effect the thawing performance.

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